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Armadura do World of Warcraft é recriada em vida real.

Os alemães do site BattleHeat fizeram uma réplica em detalhes do Judgement Armor, o Tier2 de Paladino do jogo World of Warcraft.
Segundo o sitio Kotaku, o grupo gastou dezenas de horas nos detalhes e acabamento da armadura e que ela não será vendida, mas eles dão bastante detalhes de como ela foi feita para que todos (com a escolha dos materiais certos) possam fazer a sua.

Veja nossa galeria da armadura no flickr do TheMentes.

Confira a entrevista (em inglês) que o Wow-Europe.com fez com um dos membros do BattleHeat:

Hi Tobias. Could you introduce yourself, tell us what makes you so special and why we chose you for this spotlight?

Hello! Well, I don’t consider myself to be very special, but my small team and I, we’re creating under the name of “BattleHeat” some quite unusual stuff. We are armor blacksmiths, who have over the last years specially concentrated on customer specifications, many of which are related to armors originating from fantasy universes.

Your posting in the German forum “Eine epische Rüstung schmieden… (Making of)” (Engl.: Forging an epic armor… (Making of)) drew quite a lot of attention. Have you been contacted in the game about this?

Yes, I received positive feedback about this in the game, although not even close to the quantity of the forum. The interesting point, however, is that many customers, who I have known for a long time, approached me about the thread and the armor. That’s how you learn who’s playing WoW.

In the post you show us the tier 2 set for the Paladin. How long did you work on it until it finally matched your vision completely, and what was the most difficult part of creating it?

In total we spent several hundred hours on the tier 2 set for the Paladin. The mighty shoulders with the big books and the daggers, which we created out of brass, were especially hard to do. Additionally the shoulders have a substructure to make them lead out as far as they do for a Human Paladin in the game. It was very important for me, that at the end the proportions would be really exact. Also the belt had a few pitfalls, one might not see right away. More precisely, you don’t see – like in the game – anything where you could open the belt.

Are you already working on a new armor? Which World of Warcraft armor would you like to bring into the real world?

At the moment we’re working on a few smaller projects with a style somewhat related to World of Warcraft, but which are not directly connected to armors from the game. Personally, I’m hugely fascinated by the Death Knight; I love to include embossed skulls in armors. I also hope to get the chance to create the Warrior tier 3 and tier 4 one day. But I’m also fascinated by the Warlock tier 5 and Priest tier 6 sets. Those armors are actually made of textiles, but the shoulders, however, are very plastic. I’m still reasoning if this kind of shoulders should be created out of steel after all.

Personally, as a contrast to all the dark armors, I also like a few sets for Druids, for example the tier 2. By the way, the armor that the Draenei Paladin is wearing in the Burning Crusade intro is really awesome too.

Now there are probably many players, who through you have acquired a taste for blacksmithing and want to follow your example. What skills do you need? Were you trained accordingly? What kind of tips could you let our community have?

I did technical training, but it didn’t teach me how to forge armors. Most of it I taught myself throughout the years. As a tip: If you want to forge an armor, or at the beginning it just might only be a few bracers, a helmet, or a chest cover, you should just go ahead with it. The first few will probably look awful; looking back, that wasn’t any different for me either. But, hey, somehow you have to increase your skills 🙂

What materials do you use for such armors? How is it to wear? Is it heavy to wear?

Mainly we work with steel, additionally leather and maille, rarely wood or horns. A full armor normally starts, depending on the strength of the material, at about 20 kg (44 lbs). An extra heavy version can be at about 35 kg (77 lbs). A typical Nightelf bikini armor has consequently less weight of course.

What other objects from WoW did you forge besides the Paladin armor or what has inspired you?

Besides the Paladin armor I can easily think of Doomhammer’s armor, that warchief Thrall is wearing. Then there’s also the Hypnotic Blade, a few Troll shoulders made of wood, and last but not least the deliberately awful armor big enough for two men, which we did because we wanted a twin-headed ogre for a few pictures. But generally a lot of stuff that I put into the design of armors comes from what people have seen in movies, from what you find around video games, and probably also from what you played with as a child. And for me Warcraft definitely also contributed to everything.

What has been the most unconventional order someone has placed with you?

Last year we built a kind of double-bladed weapon, which would rather fit into a science-fiction universe. The blades themselves on the left and on the right were put in later, and you could transform the weapon into a sword and a stick weapon. We also fit the holding places of the blades with forged claws. All in all it was a nice toy!

On your website you can see some female role players wearing armor. Have you ever copied the armor of a female hero/boss from WoW for a customer?

No, we haven’t, but now that you mention it I get aware of the urgency of this task *writes something down on a to-do list*. The armors of the female characters are certainly eye catchers and should such a project ever be up, I won’t keep those pictures from you of course!

What is your favorite profession in the game itself? Armorsmith?

Hehe, no. I’ve never really played the armorsmith in the game, but this might also be related to me not playing classes that wear plate armor or that would have any interesting forgeable weapons. Besides that, it just might be too discouraging for my job, because in the game you press one button and you’re done, whereas we hammer for hours. My favorite profession is engineer; so far I’ve had a lot of fun with that one.

Thank you for this interview, Tobias!

fonte: Kotaku e Wow-Europe

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